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Collective Research Organization of Plant Scientists CROPS

A Graduate Student and Post Doc group funded and supported through the

Center for Plant Science Innovation (PSI) of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


About Us

The Collective Research Organization of Plant Scientists (CROPS) was founded in September 2018 in effort to provide graduate students and post docs of PSI further learning opportunities by planning educational and social events.

More specifically, the goals of this graduate student/post-doc organization are: 1) Promoting scientific events (i.e., bringing outside speakers) related to plant science; 2) Developing soft skills among students and post-docs; 3) Developing a community where students and post-docs can share their own experiences, 4) Providing guidance to younger plant scientists.

What we do would not be possible without the highly appreciated support from PSI and the donations made to CROPS. The donations made to CROPS are important to support events where we don’t have an external guest come to UNL (i.e. social events, internal workshops, CROPS open meetings). We thank our supporters for allowing this organization to exist and promote social and scientific events to UNL plant scientists.

Contact CROPS

1901 Vine St, Lincoln, NE 68503, USA

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